Michael Allen Rose

Michael Allen Rose

Challenger: Michael Allen Rose
Status: ROOKIE
Store Assignment: Office supply store

Michael Allen Rose is a writer, performer and musician based in Chicago. His books, plays and stories have been produced and published in New York, Chicago, Portland, Denver and several other major cities. He releases industrial and experimental music under the name Flood Damage. He makes friends with cats wherever he goes. He obsesses over promotional codes when shopping for nerdy rock star stuff on the internet. He leaves the mistakes in his art because it’s cheaper that way.

On Thrifty Thrills: “I have attended the show two years in a row now, and enjoy the theme itself, but moreover the idea of a challenge has always intrigued me as an artist. I love being forced into accepting strange rules and regulations as I find that often times I am forced to think differently in the creative process, which I find incredibly rewarding. I also loved seeing Barbacoa Jones perform, and think it’s always fun to see some “guys” in the lineup on a night of burlesque, especially in comedy themed showcases like this one tends to be!”

12928124_515431838640258_1658248764271855280_nThriftiest Theater Achievement: “I’m a black box theatre guy from way back, and have often had to put together shows and acts with no budget whatsoever. Several years ago, I was producing a “naked history of Chicago” show for a fundraiser my theatre company was part of for WBEZ. We were doing a parody of Julius Caesar (naked… ish) and needed daggers and laurels. We cut up a fake plastic vine plant and wrapped cardboard cutout knives in foil. When they stabbed Caesar, the knives bent, but they did not crumple. Problem solved, and at a fraction of the price.”



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