Meet the Cast: GIN FIZZ

12961196_515434745306634_5737304887651022295_oChallenger: Gin Fizz
Status: ROOKIE
Store Assignment: Garden supply store

Gin Fizz is a bubbly and boozy burlesque performer who has been whetting thirst throughout the Midwest for nearly 10 years. She brings an intoxicating mix of classic bump and grind and humor that will leave your mouth watering. Whether she’s getting you laughing or lusting, one things for certain — when Gin Fizz is on stage, it’s going to be a thirsty night!

On her burlesque journey: “I’ve been performing burlesque for just about ten years now. I started in Oklahoma, where there was little community, continued through Champaign Illinois, and then Chicago. Since coming to Chicago I’ve performed with a variety of groups but found my home in Vaudezilla. I’ve been an ensemble since 2014. I specialize in costuming and classic bump and grind, and I teach classes in both.”

Gin Fizz 1On making costumes: “I’m a costumer at heart. The fluffy dresses and sparkly underthings were what drew me to burlesque in the first place. Over the last two years I’ve developed a symbiosis with another Vaudezilla member, Zara Estelle, where I make all of her costumes in exchange for her choreographing my acts. Her costumes have to be done on a tight budget, but I’d never put her on stage looking like anything less than the diva she is. I’ve become an expert in finding ways to get high end pieces for cheap, to fake it, to get imaginative with designs.”

Thriftiest burlesque achievement:  “I found a 12 ply ostrich boa for $20 on eBay, which was pretty life-changing. Figuring out how to make my own strappy panties out of a few dollars of supplies, or learning to keep broken jewelry to embellish costumes, or turning some disused scarves into a panel skirt… they’re all up there, though. I try to save money where I can so that I can splurge when it counts.”


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