Meet the Cast: LADY ALI MODE

Lady Ali Mode

Lady Ali Mode

Challenger: Lady Ali Mode
Status: ROOKIE
Store Assignment: Copier/Shipping Supply Store

Lady Ali Mode is a member of the Dirty Birds Burlesque and the Better Boobie Bureau. She is also the producer/commissioner/back-up goalie for the annual event Puck & Grind: a hockey and burlesque fundraiser. When she’s not cool on the ice she’s heating things up on stage as everyone’s favorite double scoop.

On her burlesque journey: “I’m a member of Dirty Birds Burlesque and Better Boobie Bureau. I have been performing for 5 years and trained at Vaudezilla. I performed in both the WCBF and the Vermont Burlesque Festival and received a standing ovation at both. My acts are typically humor based with elaborating costuming. I am a professional artist and consider my visuals/costuming and story telling to be my strong suits.”

LadyAliMode-fullbodyOn Thrifty Thrills: “I want to challenge myself and push my craft. I am a creative problem solver and feel like I create some of my best work, in burlesque and in my career as a working commercial artist, when given rules and restrictions that force me to think out side the box. Plus, I’m a big believer in giving back and if my act helps raises money for charity then I feel like I’m using my burlesque powers for good.”

Thriftiest burlesque achievements: “My signature Blackhawks act is made up mostly of used hockey equipment down to the pasties made from shoulders patches. I have also made a butterfly headpiece and matching bra from feather butterflies from the dollar store and even created a full Freddy Kruger make up effect using 4 shades of lip liner and some eyeshadow.”

Get your tickets now to see what Lady Ali creates with $20 and the copier/shipping supply store! To find out more about Lady Ali Mode, follow her on Facebook!



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