Meet the Cast: SHIMMY LAROUX

Shimmy LaRoux

Shimmy LaRoux

Challenger: Shimmy LaRoux
Status: ROOKIE
Store Assignment: Thrift/Resale Store

Shimmy LaRoux is your bad girl with good home training. She can be found all over the city, bringing a combination of quirky charm and addictive energy. Shimmy LaRoux is sassy, classy…but never ashy!

On Thrifty Thrills: “Creativity comes from constraint, so I’m incredibly excited to see what can happen when you get $20 and a place. I heard about last year’s show and knew I wanted to be part of it this year.”

Thriftiest burlesque achievement: “An act that has become on of my signature pieces (Brown Skin Woman) was made for less than $40 (a thrift store dress, parts of a rhinestone order, flowers from the dollar store, recycled shoes and a boa given to me).”

Get your tickets now to see what Shimmy creates with $20 and the thrift store! To find out more about Shimmy LaRoux, visit her official website at ShimmyLaRoux.Com!


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