Meet the Cast: MS PIXY

MsPixy (photo by K Leo)

MsPixy (photo by K Leo)

Challenger: MsPixy
Status: ROOKIE
Store Assignment: Auto Supply Store

MsPixy is a founding member of The Belmont Burlesque Revue, Chicago’s longest consecutively-running burlesque show. In 2010, MsPixy created the smash hit “Boobs and Goombas, a Super Mario Burlesque,” which has enjoyed over 200 performances in 3 cities. Boobs and Goombas spawned a small burlesque empire at Gorilla Tango Theater, for which MsPixy created two additional shows (Fellowship of the Boobs and SuperBoobs), directed a fourth (Empire Brings Sexy Back), and acted as Artistic Director from 2011-2012. For all of her Gorilla Tango Burlesque productions MsPixy acted as director, choreographer and designer, often personally constructing costumes, props, and sets including a fully functional spider rig, a manually-operated hand-cranked Star Wars Opening Scroller, and a peep-show Koopa Troopa shell with removable front panels. Currently, MsPixy is the co-producer of The Glitter Guild and The Belmont Burlesque Revue, as well as the owner of MsPixy Productions. Over her 13 year career as a performer and emcee, MsPixy has also guest-performed in literally hundreds of local and national burlesque shows.

12919613_515431968640245_3662220919127592152_nOn making costumes: “I love to make things. I love to make things out of other things that shouldn’t be made in to the things I make, until I make them be those things. Even when costuming, I tend to wander the aisles of Home Depot or Party City looking for non-traditional materials to suit my needs.”

Thriftiest burlesque achievement: “I regularly make adorable hats out of cardboard and whatever scrap materials I have to hand… so, I guess “super sexy upcycled chapeaux” is my most thrifty achievement?”

Get your tickets now to see what Pixy creates with $20 and the auto supply store! To find out more about MsPixy, visit her official website at NerdBurlesque.Com!


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