Meet the Cast: BOOBS RADLEY



Challenger: Boobs Radley
Status: ROOKIE
Store Assignment: Dollar Store

Boobs Radley been shedding her inhibitions and her clothes in Chicago’s burlesque scene for the past five years. Boobs has appeared as a solo artist and as a member of Dirty Bird Burlesque in the Vermont Burlesque Fest, the Ohio Burlesque Festival, the Show Me Burlesque Festival and the Windy City Burlesque Festival. Her fondest festival memory is visiting the World’s Biggest Truck Stop after the Iowa Burlesque Festival. A firm believer in giving back to the community, Boobs produced “Defund THIS 2: Electric Vulvaloo! A Benefit for Planned Parenthood of Illinois” and “The Pussyfoot Revue”, a benefit for Tree House Humane Society combining her two greatest loves, kitties and titties.

Boobs Radley

Boobs Radley

On Thrifty Thrills: “I have seen the most amazing costumes made by people out of the strangest items — Busty’s Paper Roses Dress, Serenna Star’s butterfly wings. I wanted to challenge myself to make something fabulous for next to nothing. I believe burlesque is about more than rhinestones and feathers; it’s about innovation and challenging norms. When you are forced to use your creativity and not rely on easy prettiness to get by, you start making some really cool art. NAMI is near and dear to my heart. I suffer from depression, as do many members of my family. My uncle lost his fight and committed suicide. It’s very important to me to give back in whatever ways I can, and lessen the stigma by saying, “I’m mentally ill.”

Thriftiest burlesque achievement: “Made a shovel for a coal miner number out of a paint tray, a dowel rod and a roll of duct tape. Covered a $6 bra with $1 bandana for the same number and made a “panel skirt” out of another 2 bandanas.”

Get your tickets now to see what Boobs creates with $20 and the dollar store! To find out more about Boobs Radley, follow her on Facebook!


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