Marci Vousplait by IAMKIAM Photography

Marci Vousplait by IAMKIAM Photography


Challenger: Marci Vousplait
Store Assignment: Beauty supply store

Winner, 2014 & 2015 Audience Favorite Award

Alluring, amenable,and amply blessed. This little lady will leave you saying please AND thank you!

On burlesque: “I’ve been performing for I think 6 years now. I’m a troupe member of the Better Boobie Bureau. My routines have evolved into being more comedy based than when I was first starting out. I like my acts to be a little quirky with a whole lot of kitsch.”

Previous challenges: Grocery store, 2015 Thrifty Thrills Chicago; Shipping/copy supply store, 2014 Thrifty Thrills Chicago; 2014 Thrifty Thrills Indianapolis

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On Thrifty Thrills: “It is my ABSOLUTE favorite show to do! I love the creative muscles it exercises and the way it makes you view things differently. I even enjoy crying over produce and hot glue.”

1962681_232433776940067_1279560405_nThriftiest burlesque achievements: “It would either have to be making a costume out of produce day of the show so it wouldn’t mold, or making a shimmy dress out of a couple of shredded up mop heads. I looked like a McDonald’s fry guy. It was cool.”

Get your tickets now to see if Marci can continue her domination of the Audience Favorite Award with $20 and the beauty supply store! To find out more about Marci Vousplait, follow her on Facebook!



Florence of Alabia

Florence of Alabia

Challenger: Florence of A’Labia
“The Comic Stripper”
Store Assignment: Pet Store

Florence of A’Labia, “The Comic Stripper,” got her start with Super Happy Funtime Burlesque in Michigan, performing nearly 200 shows around the country before her recent move to Chicago. When not performing, she’s a professional erotic comic book artist, which is a real job.

On Thrifty Thrills: “I love costuming, and I love the challenge both of the tight budget and the unorthodox stores to shop from. It’s very inspiring to work within these creative limits.”

Previous Challenge
: Record store, Thrifty Thrills Indianapolis

3Thriftiest Burlesque Achievement: “I made a mermaid costume out of a prom dress I got for $6 at Goodwill.”

Get your tickets now to see what Florence does this time with $20 and the pet store! To find out more about Florence of A’Labia, visit her official Tumblr!




Meet the Cast: SAUDA NAMIR

023 - Game On (11)Challenger: Sauda Namir
“Chicago’s Charismatic Chameleon”

Winner, 2015 Katie Angel Memorial Cheapskate Award (zero dollars spent)

Store Assignment: Hardware Store

Sauda Namir is a multifaceted artist with a penchant for titillation. In addition to the bump’n’grind of burlesque, she’s a nude model for Zivity & GodsGirls, host of Bizarro Bedtime, thriller actress, whimsical photographer, & kinky, bi, poly, sex positive visionary.

On burlesque:  “I am not content to pigeonhole myself into any one particular style [of burlesque]. Instead, I embrace my nerdy, fetish, classic, horror, neo, sides all in equal measure, as inspiration strikes.”

Previous Challenge:  Comic book store, 2015 Thrifty Thrills Chicago; Dollar store, 2014 Thrifty Thrills Chicago


10981652_377038759146234_4696044150222589637_nOn her thriftiest burlesque achievements:  “I think this has to be last year’s Thrifty Thrills show, in which all supplies to my costume were donated by my friendly neighborhood comic shop. The reversible dress was made entirely from promotional tees, and the massive cape was comprised entirely of female comic characters from torn cover comics. My most thrifty, non-thrills, achievement was the original incarnation of my Flying Spaghetti Monster from my Pastafarian act. It was made entirely from pipe insulation tubes, white duct tape, scrap dress lining fabric, floral wire, two foam balls, and a couple googly eyes.”

Get your tickets now to see what Sauda does this year with $20 and the hardware store! To find out more about Sauda Namir, visit her official website at SaudaNamir.Com


2016 Thrifty Thrills is Coming!

Mark your calendars!  Thrifty Thrills is back and we’ve got a brand new crop of performers taking on the $20 Burlesque Challenge!

Thrifty Thrills returns on Friday, June 17th at Township (2200 N. California).  Doors open at 8:30pm, show starts at 9pm.  This year’s challengers include:

  • Barbacoa Jones
  • Boobs Radley
  • Diva La Vida
  • Florence of Alabia
  • Gin Fizz
  • Heart Crimson
  • Lady Ali Mode
  • Marci Vousplait
  • Michael Allen Rose
  • MsPixy
  • Sauda Namir
  • Shimmy LaRoux
  • Slightly Spitfire
  • Titty Perkins
  • Willy LaQueue

Advance tickets will go on sale soon!

Slight change of plans!


You know what’s fun about live theater?  YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN.  Imagine our surprise when we found out that due to circumstances completely beyond our control, that we had to move Thrifty Thrills next door!  Surprise!

So the show is still happening, same time, same amazing cast, same amazing NAMI fundraiser, slight change of venue.  Join us at She-Nannigans, located at 16 W. Division Street, right next door to Original Mother’s!

Thrifty Thrills takes the stage this Friday!

Grab your tickets now for the show that combines the “make it work” of Project Runway with the “take it off” of burlesque!  Thrifty Thrills returns to the Original Mother’s this Friday for a one of a kind burlesque experience you won’t see anywhere else!  This year’s challengers are joined by special appearances from Ray Gunn, Rob “The Pup” Racine and Stipperfest 2013 Queen of the Stage, Artemis Moon!  The first 100 ticket holders will get a complimentary raffle ticket as well!

Can’t make it on Friday but want to help out with the fundraiser?  Click the “Donate” link above to visit our fundraising campaign!

We’re baaaaaaaaack!

Hello friends of the Thrift!

It’s been a long while since the first ever Chicago edition of Thrifty Thrills and we are super excited to announce that we’ll be back for the second annual show on Friday, March 6th at the Original Mother’s! This year we are raising funds for National Alliance on Mental Illness for Greater Chicago (NAMI – Chicago).

We have been hard at work assembling an absolutely fantastic group of performers that have agreed to take on the $20 Challenge this time. Who are they? We’ll be announcing them, along with our special guest performers, during the 12 Days of Thriftmas! Thriftmas starts on December 21st, so check back here (or on our official Facebook Page) as we reveal new cast members every day!

Cast Profile: Diva La Vida

Diva La Vida

Diva La Vida

Tagline:  Heart Breaker.  Funny Maker.  Clothes-Off Taker.

Her Mission:  To create a top to bottom polished burlesque act for $20 or less from items found at an office supply store.

Diva LaVida is a heart-breaker, a funny-maker, and a clothes-off-taker about town. She has been doing burlesque for a couple of years, and has been a performer for several decades. She enjoys delicious foods, running long distances, and sleeping through alarm clocks.

Diva can be seen performing on stages all across the Chicagoland area and is an ensemble member of the Belmont Burlesque Revue and the Better Boobie Bureau.  She was recently featured at the first ever Vermont Burlesque Festival and hosts the Lady Date with Diva La Vida podcast (available for download on iTunes).